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GMA (Taichung, Taiwan) manufactures extrusion-dies and coextrusion adapters for fim and sheet extrusion.

extrusion die channel

GMA manufactures with most modern tooling machines and own chrome-plating facility


tooling machine for extrusion dies

Most modern tooling machines in clean room are employed for producing high-end qualtiy extrusion-dies for glass clear sheet from PC, PMMA e.g. as well as dies for liquid coating.


Hartchrom Betrieb

GMA's own chrome-plating facility guarantees high qualitiy chrom layer, due to ebhanced operating processes and professional chrome-plating.


Comprehensive inspection during manufacturing process of extrusion-dies


Straight-/Flatness Roughness

Thickness of 

 Lip radius
 Ebenheit  Chromdicke Rauhigkeit  Lippenradius 

Quality reports are part of delivery of each extrusion-die.



Extrusion-dies for cast-film

Extrusion die cast film

Film-dies are offered also with internal deckling and automatic adjustment system (manfactured at SBI Austria)


Please see leaflet: pdf


Extrusion-dies for sheet-extrusioin

extrusion die optical sheet

GMA offers extrusion-dies with a broad range of options and has sprecific know-how for optical sheet application.

 Please see leaflet:  pdf


GMA sheet die

Extrusion-die with fast lip-gap adjustment (singel point adjustment)


Extrusion-dies for lamination

 extrusion die lamination

Lamination-dies from GMA with unique dual deckle system reduces neck-in and is adjustable by electric drive. Lip-gap of this extrusion-lamination-dies are from 0,6 – 1,2 mm for processing EAA / EVA / PE / PLA / PP / PS / Surlin up to 5000 mm in width.

GMA lamination die


Extrusion-dies for hollow-profile

Breitschlitzdüsen für Hohlkammerplatten

extrusion die hollow profile 

GMA offers also vacuum calibrators for hollow sheet extrusion.


For coextrusion GMA offers a range of coextrusion adapters



 Please see leaflet:  pdf

 GMA feedblock


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