Continuous drying in infraret rotation drums (IRD)

Drying within minutes!

Kreyenborg manufactures sophisticated infrared dryers for pellets and regrind. Due to infrared-light the moisture from pellets and regrind is dried from inside out so to speak.

continuous infrared dryerEnergy for heating up is leaded directly into the material (air doesn't absorb infrared light). Inside the heated pellets the moisture is pushed out due to high diffusion rate and concentration gradient. Because of natural convection and gentle airflow the moisture is carried away, which keeps the concentration gradient high.

Due to direct heating via infrared this drying-process is high energy efficient and quick !

Compared to conventional dehumidified air dryer the infrared dryer needs much less energy (up to 30% less).

Due to permanent rotation of drying drum even PET crystallisation and drying is possible without sticking together.

In a special setup, called PET BOOSTER, crystallization and drying of PET pellets and regrind need less than 10 minutes.

Also changes in moisture at beginning will be dry pellets gently to a uniform degree within minutes. Kreyenborgs IRD is used for a variety of plastic pellets, like APET, GPET, CPET, PLA, HIPS, PE, ABS, EVA PC, PEEK, PPS, PTFE, PEEK, TPU, TPE e.g.


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