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Product-sheets of thickness gauges:
SBI Soft X-ray: for flat fims (Castfilm and other up to approx. 500 - 700 µm)
KAPA: capacitive / eddy-current system - sheet up to 2000 micron:measuring priniciple
KAPA-IR: KAPA with IR sensor system for barriere layer (total thickness and barriere layer - like EVOH, e.g.)
SHADOW: laser shadowing system - wind-able sheet even thicker 2000 micron: principle
STG: laser displacement sensors - for thick sheets / plates
Automatic systems for extrusion-dies
thermal bolts and FRAD and NEW: MCAD MCAD (Motor Controlled Auto Die)
Melt-pumps brochure : eprotec brochure (german-english)
Most important characteristics: eprotecs melt-pumps

 GMA Breitschlitzdüsen und Coextrusionsadapter (feedblock)

Breitschitzdüsen Prospekt: GMA sheet dies
Feedblock Prospekt: GMA feedblocks


 Presentations (SBI event 2017):
GMA eprotec SBI gauges - SBI thickness control


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