Neutralising (discharging) electrostatic charged surfaces

Electrostatic charging happens where 2 surfaces are on friction or separated and the surface doesn't lead electricity. In the field of extrusion it happens often on film and sheet extrusion lines. (guiding sheet over rollers, winding and rewinding e.g.)

Measures against static charges

  • Earthing: First step to avoid electrostatic charging is earthing (grounding) of all parts of the machine
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    film extrusion
  • Humidity: Due to humidity the surface resistance will be reduced and electrostatic charge can be lead away
  • Passive electrostatic discharging with brushes e.g. With brushes (carbon brushes) you can discharge charged surfaces but only if production speed is low. There is danger to contaminate the web with brush wear.

  • Sophisticated active electrostatic discharging: IONstream FUSION.  
    Sophisticated neutralising system because of its outstanding AUTODC┬« Technology (patented by Swiss Hildebrand). It needs only 24V supply voltage! High voltage power module and a  microprocessor is embedded in discharging electrode (neutralizing bar). This unique system provides mainly ions in needed polarity (integrated microprocessor checks the discharging current). Because of its unique technology it is the electrostatic neutralizing system with best performance in the market.


 AUTO-DC mode:                                                                

discharging AUTO DC

discharge neg discharge pos
emission of needed polarity


 Download brochure: IONstream FUSION  pdf

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