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 1. System Thermal bolts 

Automatic film and sheet extrusion-dies with thermal bolts "Thermal Bolts" utilizes thermal expansion of steel bolts. Bolts are heated with heating cartridges and chilled with air (external ventilation).

 automatic extrusion-die


GMA extrusion-die

attach-able system


extrusion-die manufacturer: GMA


Consisting of:

  • Thermal bolts with heating cartridges 
  • Casing with connection for ventilation
  • Blower (ventilator) 

Technical data’s:

  • Push only or push & pull
  • Operating range: 300 µm
  • Partition: 30mm, 28 or 25.4 mm (1”) or according customers request
  • Heating cartridges, rated power: 80 W
  • Mechanical fine tuning with fine thread (0,5 mm/rev. or 0,25 mm/rev)
  • Thermal separation to extrusion die (thermal brakes)