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Extrusion dies for film and sheet extrusion


GMA (Taichung, Taiwan) manufactures extrusion dies and coextrusion adapters for fim and sheet extrusion.

Picture of extrusion die channel

GMA manufactures with most modern tooling machines and own chrome-plating facility

Comprehensive knowledge of the properties and the process parameters in polymer-extrusion together with the rheologic data of the melt are necessary to analyse and correct the design of the flow-channel with simulations using a CAE software. These simulations are the key factor of design for high-quality extrusion-dies. In addition, relies GMA on the many years of experience of the engineers in design of co-extrusion adapters and multichannel extrusion-dies.

Besides excellent design steel quality and chrome plating is very important for the quality of extrusion dies. GMA manufactures the extrusion dies and feedblocks with European steel.

Tooling machines for extrusion dies

tooling machine for extrusion dies

Most modern tooling machines in clean room are employed for producing high-end quality extrusion dies for glass clear sheet from PC, PMMA e.g. as well as dies for liquid coating.

 Chrome plating facility exclusively for extrusion dies

Picture of GMA's chrome plating divison

GMA's own chrome-plating facility guarantees high qualitiy chrom layer, due to ebhanced operating processes and professional chrome-plating.

A chrome plating line exclusively for extrusion dies with specially designed electrodes is necessary to ensure that the chrome quality meets the required high standards.


Inspection and reports 

Comprehensive inspection during manufacturing process of extrusion dies


Straight-/Flatness Roughness

Thickness of 

 Lip radius
 Ebenheit  Chromdicke Rauhigkeit  Lippenradius 

Quality reports are part of delivery of each extrusion dies.



Extrusion-dies for cast-film extrusion

Extrusion die cast film

Film-dies are offered also with internal deckling and automatic adjustment system (manufactured at SBI, Austria)

Automatic systems are offered either as "push only" or as "push/pull" execution.




extrusion-dies for sheet-extrusion

extrusion die optical sheet

GMA offers extrusion dies with a broad range of options and has specific know-how for optical sheet application.

 Please see leaflet:    pdf


GMA sheet die

Extrusion-die with fast lip-gap adjustment (single point adjustment)

Fast lip-gap adjustment enables operator to change lip opening quickly without standstill of extrusion line. Fast lip-gap adjustment is possible for a certain lip range, for larger ranges move-and  exchangeable lower lips is the preferred method.


extrusion-dies for extrusion coating and lamination

 extrusion die lamination

Lamination-dies from GMA with unique dual deckle system reduces neck-in and is adjustable by electric drive. Lip-gap of this extrusion-lamination-dies are from 0,6 – 1,2 mm for processing EAA / EVA / PE / PLA / PP / PS / Surlin up to 5000 mm in width.

GMA lamination die


Extrusion dies for hollow-profile

Extrusion-dies for multiwall sheets

extrusion die hollow profile 

GMA offers also vacuum calibrators for hollow sheet extrusion.


Coextrusion adapter - feedblock for multilayer sheet

For coextrusion GMA offers a range of coextrusion adapters


Coextrusion adapter

 Please see leaflet:  pdf

 GMA feedblock

Additional information for extrusion dies and coextrusion adapters: 

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