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Liquid Coating

Design and manufacturing

Slot-dies from GMA are designed with most modern 3D simulation software and more than 30 years experience. These slotdies are manufactured at most modern tooling machines for high straightess and flatness (± 2 micron).



tooling machine for extrusion dies
tooling machine in air conditioned cleanroom for high quality slotdies




Schleifen von Schlitzdüsen

The slot dies are designed for coating applications like systems for adhesives, paint, photovoltaic/solar, printed electronics, glass coating, hotmelt butylrubber, PVDF, photo resistant liquid, solvent type/Water, Type/UV type liquid, liquid with filler, such as diffusion powder, nano-silver wire, polyimide .... .... ....

For finished products like adhesive tapes, flexible packaging, fuel cells, membranes and high performance batteries, photovoltaic/solar, printed electronics, coated glass and many more.