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Ersatzteile Schmelzepumpen rumpenreparatur rumpenreparatur rund
 spare parts  repaired  upgraded

Spare-parts for most of all existing melt-pumps regardless who original supplier was:

Main parts of melt-pumps are pump body, gears, bearings, special shaft seals and side covers. These are the spare-parts eprotec offers for nearly all existing pumps in the market. No matter who the original supplier was. These spare-parts are delivered cost-effectively and quickly.


Repairs of melt pumps:

The same know-how as for new pumps is also available for repairing and upgrading of existing melt pumps.

eprotec offers repairs for almost all melt pumps on the market, ensuring that customers can extend the lifespan and improve the efficiency of their existing equipment.

Even very old melt pumps (round design) can be upgraded -> as good as new!