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thickness gauges - extrusion

Thickness gauges for film and sheet extrusion

Thickness monitoring with SBI thickness measurement systems

Austrian company SBI manufactures thickness gauges for film and sheet extrusion since 1999. Goal and challenge were (still is) to develop high accurate, non contact measurement systems which are very easy to operate. All SBI thickness scanners SBI KAPAdon't need special permissions for installation and don't need special trained safety officers. These inline measurement systems for film and sheet extrusion are most reliable and simple to operate. Especially because of the ease of operation SBI's systems are highly accepted by the operators on extrusion lines.


NEW: Inline thickness gauge for barrier sheet - with display of EVOH layer thickness profile.

Thickness control (in combination with "automatic extrusion-dies")

All SBI thickness gauges can be equipped with hardware and software for thickness control. These features for thickness control in film and sheet extrusion can be also retrofitted on "thickness monitoring only" systems at any time. Thickness control option of SBI thickness gauges controls thermal bolts from every supplier of automatic extrusion-dies. SBI offers also retrofit able automatic systems (thermal bolts and FRAD) for extrusion-dies. 


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