Xstream FUSION & Xstream Ultra FUSION network-ready web cleaning systems

The latest development from Hildebrand Technology is the world’s first non-contact dust removal system which is network-ready and makes straightforward integration into all important field bus or industrial Ethernet networks possible.
It combines the latest technological developments and is micro-processor controlled with local “embedded” intelligence. Particle removal efficiency, high-speed vacuum airflow and functionality of the upstream iONstream FUSION AUTODC® static neutralising system (electrode pin contamination, condition of the emitter tips and static neutralising efficiency) are continually monitored in real time and visualised. The parameters and data can be easily accessed and displayed via a GateWay or a master touch screen display. Password protected process engineer access is also available to adjust key system parameters to achieve maximum system cleaning performance.

Network / software features

The web cleaning control system can be integrated into all standard industrial networks e.g. Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet etc. Alternatively communication with suitable devices such as Android tablet PCs and smart devices can be established through our iONlink wireless Bluetooth transmitter. The iONlink Bluetooth module is plugged into the network at any point and enables data from all web cleaning system components to be broadcast and received wirelessly in real time by android compatible tablets or handheld devices. Visualisation and operation are simple and intuitive via a touch screen using the iONpilot Hildebrand App.

The following system relevant data can be visualised or supplied to your industrial network.
• Monitoring of web cleaning system efficiency
• Static neutralising efficiency
• Vacuum pressure
• Speed of air flow
• Filter condition
• Condition of filter trap container
• Condition of fan/frequency converter
• Cleaning module positions
• Maintenance information about the filter and ionization system

Key system data storage to memory can be used to document the quality of the production run. Measurement and verification for 100% process control / TQM can be provided by the system.


Network overview of a typical application example:



The operating principle

Xstream FUSION Xstream ULTRA FUSION surface cleaners are non-contact dust removal systems which use a defined “high speed” vacuum air flow to clean the substrate surface of loosely attached particles. Xstream FUSION will remove 98.2% of particles down to a size of 20 microns. When the specially developed ULTRA cleaning head nozzle is used the particles remain in the air flow for longer allowing 99.8% of particles down to 1.5 micron to be removed. An upstream iONstream FUSION static neutralising system neutralises the material’s surface electrostatic charge and prevents the particles bonding to it electrostatically. The Xstream FUSION web cleaning systems can be retrofitted to all machines, automatically allowing the passage of splices via a manual or automatic splice signal from the machine and are available for use on web widths from 50 mm to 10,000 mm in either a single-side or dual-side version. The compact design minimises the space required for installation.

Operating principle

web cleaning



The cleaning technology

The development of Xstream FUSION & Xstream ULTRA FUSION  web cleaning technology is based on aviation and aerospace technology where the air is forced into a certain direction at an extremely high speed when it reaches certain profile shapes. Hildebrand Technology used this science to develop theXstream FUSION Xstream ULTRA FUSION surface web cleaners. The specially shaped profile nozzle is positioned very close to the surface of the substrate to generate an extremely high laminar air flow (>60 m/second) under specific vacuum conditions which flows from the substrate surface via the aerodynamic profile edge to the cleaning head. This airflow breaks the laminar flow on the surface of the substrate and carries the dust particles along with it. After extraction the dust particles are trapped in a filter. The BASEcontrol monitoring unit emits a signal as soon as the filter requires cleaning on manual filter systems and actuates a cleaning phase on our automatic high capacity filtration units. The BASEcontrol unit also monitors the cleaning module position, the airflow and the vacuum pressure in the cleaning modules.


Cleaning efficiency

web cleaning comparison

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